Anthracite Stone Indio, or ASLI, is a relatively new wrap in my stash. It is 60% anthracite cotton threads and 40% stone linen threads. I have washed it in euclan dedicates wash, dried with dryer balls on low heat, braided, steam ironed, and wrapped with three times.

But before I begin my review I feel bound to tell you the story behind how this wrap came to live with me (Nancy). You see, I recently sold a number of wraps, carriers and ring slings on the Facebook swap. One of the wraps I sold was a Didymos Natural Silk Indio, version two (or NSI V2) which had been dyed a lovely black by the previous owner before me. This left me without a black (or dark-neutral) wrap in my stash.

A few weeks later my Grandmother Bernadette passed away and my family of seven would have to make the six hour drive to Quebec, Canada for the funeral. Since I had just completed the final layaway payment on Anthracite Stone Indio from Birdie's Room;, I e-mailed the proprietor and asked if they could rush the wrap to me so that I could have it for the services.

Unfortunately since Birdie's Room is headquartered in Canada, and I in the United States, it was not a fiscally responsible option. Then Birdie's Room offered to ship it to a location IN Canada for me and I could pick it up there. What a brilliant idea! I gave them the address of my aunt and uncle who lived closest to the hotel we would be staying at and the wrap arrived with a day to spare.

I tell you this story because I wanted to highlight the kind of love and caring that exists in the babywearing community, and at Birdie's Room specifically in this instance. This is the type of customer service that we here at Wee Carry will strive to exemplify and mimic.

As such, this wrap will forever be a reminder to me of my Grandma yes, but also as a tenet of good business practices, caring and compassion.

Today I did a double-hammock or DH with a half knot and commenced my morning chores. My son Beau is almost nine months old and he weighs about 20 pounds. Beau was lower on my back than normal, but still content. Although it is too long for me I am not planning to chop it to a shorter length. I like long tails and with a thin wrap it is fine to wrap around my waist twice.

Once I put on my  *Kangarusha  babywearing/nursing necklace he started chewing on that and I hardly heard a peep out of him.  *

The wrap was not diggy at all. It is very supportive and soft. Not as cushy as Natural Hemp Indio (NHI) or Erba (a pale green hemp-blend Indio) , yet still plenty cushy/comfy on my shoulders and chest.

All in all I love this wrap and think it will be a great warmer weather wrap as it is quite breathable. I look forward to wearing this wrap any time I need dark neutral or black wrap. It is such a versatile color and the Indio pattern is stunning. In my opinion it has the ability to read both elegant and casual simultaneously.  This wrap is very useful and not just "pretty".  Verdict: Keeper!


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