This is a gorgeous exclusive colorway design. We are very lucky to be able to offer you a very limited time a pre-order for, “Diamonds and Stripes”. 

Partnering with Die Wombathohle, of Germany, we are able to offer this pre-order to you for one day only (through Wednesday evening). We apologize in advance for the short notice and very short pre-order time frame, but we only just learned of this opportunity.

We would also like to apologize that our website and shopping cart are not currently running, but we really wanted to be able to offer this wrap in the USA! Wee sincerely hope you will forgive us for the logistical oopsies.

The Diamond Weave pattern shines as the bright white weft contrasts strikingly over the dark blue (azul capitan) warp of the upper large block stripe. The red and white stripes forming the bottom two thirds of the wrap are  reminiscent of the genius and darling Betsy Ross, and her beloved creation, Old Glory. 

This is the perfect wrap to wear all year long, but would be simply divine at Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day and Independence Day Parades and festivities! Have a family member in the military? What better way to show your pride and patriotism than with wearing your wee one in one of these beauties! 

Price List is as follows:
Size 2: $120......Balance due upon invoice: $60
Size 4: $130
......Balance due upon invoice: $70
Size 5: $140
......Balance due upon invoice: $80
Size 6: $150
......Balance due upon invoice: $90
Size 7: $160
......Balance due upon invoice: $100
*Please add $5.00 for fringe. 
At this time size 8 and ring slings are not available. Weave date TBA.

Payment Details: shipping & handling is included, cancellations will be applied as store credit. Please email us your preferred size (and fringe preference), 
with subject line "Diamonds", and we will promptly send an invoice via PP. Payment is due by 7:00pm EST to be included. All invoices unpaid as of 7pm will be cancelled. Wee will send an invoice for the remaining balance due when the beauties land @ Wee Carry. 

We promise to offer Diamonds and Stripes as a pre-order again before the close of year. So please stay tuned to Wee Carry happenings!


I am so excited about this wrap!!!


I am desperately looking for this wrap! Would love a size 7 but would take just about any size!


I will have a size 5 for sale as soon as it gets to me. I bought this from die wombathe and paid for international shipping plus its been collecting interest on my cc for sometime now so it will be more then these prices but let me know if you're interested before I put it up on the swap!


Are there any details on when this will be offered again??


Since this is not our exclusive, we are not sure if or when we will be able to offer this again.


^^^wss :)

Amber Cirillo

I NEED this. How did I not know about this.


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